Thursday, August 30, 2007

Local Reasons to Mark your Calendars

The Sandy Valley Library hosts a panel of short films every first Wednesday of the month. Here's a link to this next week's films. I've never been disappointed when I've journeyed to this event. Kim Ann has a great instinct for pulling short films here to our region.

Kim Ann will be bringing her "Best Of" (the past year of short films) to Canton, too -- October 27th at the Canton Cultural Center. More details on this event later.

I'm presuming that you know about the art film series that screens (otherwise unseeable) good films every Thursday at the Canton Palace. It's a great price (4 bucks!), a great venue, and some amazing films...

The Art Film Club has also sponsored a Film Festival for the past six years -- this year's fest will include the acclaimed ONCE and several other phenomenal films. The dates are October 11 - 14. Mark them off on your calendar. All four films will be worth your while. They're also screening local short films in the afternoon. Some of our own Malone Student Films will be screened. Got any films that you'd like to submit? Email me for details (at the address to the side or my malone email).

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Some of you are arriving at this site for the first time -- welcome. You'll find a real mish mash of information on this blog.

While the OPEN FRAME STUDENT FILM CONTEST has been around for a while, the blog just started last year as an information-resource for students who were interested in making short films. As you read, please remember to check out the dates of the information so you can distinguish which information is new for THIS year (07-08) and which information is leftover internet detritus from last year (06-07).

I'm excited about the changes we've made to the contest this year and am also excited about the momentum that exists on campus, in the surrounding geographical area (NorthEastern Ohio), and in the world of digital filmmaking and short films.

If you're a new student this year -- welcome to Malone and the OPEN FRAME, please make sure to introduce yourself at RUSH (the evening of the first Monday of classes). Shoot me an email (look to the right for an email address) if you have any questions.