Friday, December 3, 2010

Open Frame Scholarships For New Students!

Great news!

The Communication Arts Department has just been notified that we can award several $1000 scholarships to incoming new students next year. This $1000 will be awarded based on merit and participation in the Open Frame.

The deadline for applications is this coming weekend! (December 10th) Because of financial aid awards and the nature of the academic year, the turnaround time is really fast, but hopefully, if you know possible interested candidates, you can pass this information on.

** this just in: we can accept applications for one week after the deadline! **

Applicants will be invited to come to a scholarship day for interviews and screenings in January.

Please email arudd at malone dot edu for more information *or* at gmail dot com.

New Film Concentration at Malone

After eight years of Open Frame Films, and an increasing array of film classes at Malone, I'm thrilled to announce that Malone officially offers an academic "film concentration" within the Communication Arts Major.

Film Concentration students will take Media Production I & II, Editing, Directing, World Cinema, History and Theory of Film and choose between Scriptwriting (for the writers among you) and Photojournalism (for the documentarians and cinematographers among you).

We do also offer a general education course, History of the American Dream in Film: 1950s to the Present, which students may opt to take. We also strongly encourage our students to take advantage of the rich resources of the Los Angeles Film Studies Center -- a resource that Malone students regularly participate in.

Like all Communication Art majors, these students will continue to take courses that prepare them broadly for communication-related careers, and build key communication skills. And our program will continue to focus on developing students as STORYTELLERS committed to the COMMUNITIES they serve ENGAGING CULTURE (not avoiding or shunning it like some evangelical Christian Universities).

Film students will continue to make films for the Open Frame Film Fest, they'll continue to collaborate with our student journalists in the AVISO AVW, and they'll continue to make films for classwork and in the local Canton community (through programs like reelate.

Location:Malone University, Canton, Ohio

Aviso Coverage....

Have you checked out this story from Malone's student newspaper the Aviso, yet? If not, click the link. The story also features this video from last year's festival.

Open Frame Film Festival from Malone TV on Vimeo.

Those of you who are alum will appreciate the nostalgia; the music was composed by (now) senior filmmaker, Jordan Scott. The images were assembled by (now) senior, award-winning student-film producer, Monica Small. A section of (brilliant) editing was done by award-winning alumni, (the inimitable) Andrew Gates.