Each year as a part of the festival, a number of awards are given to our student filmmakers.

For the first five years of the Open Frame Student Film Contest -- we relied heavily on the gracious jurying of our faithful alumni, faculty members and staff. We have always been deeply grateful for their willingness to serve current students and their films, but have also been wary in recent years of overwhelming them with so many films and a consistently short time to render their judgement.

For the last four years we were thrilled to be able to invite a jury from outside of Malone University. These capable film, art & entertainment professionals from outside of Malone University graciously gave of their time, effort & energy to watch these student films, many offering comments and feedback for student filmmakers. Thanks Jurors! We're grateful.

Over the past three years we've had film festival programmers, filmmakers, film critics, arts development professionals, artists and film educators from around the country awarding these increasingly prestigious prizes. Each year the awards vary based on the deserving achievements by the filmmakers that year.

Our faithful alumni have continued an enormous amount of support by continuing to jury our script contests each year.