Tuesday, September 20, 2011

With fifteen alumni volunteering their time and expertise, and nine short film scripts, the 2011 Open Frame Script Competition was off to a great start last week.

I spoke with several of the alumni over the week who expressed how enjoyable it was to read the scripts and how some of the returning judges noticed an improvement in the overall quality of the scripts.

Once all the scores were submitted, six of the top scripts were within two quality points from each other.   And....against the odds the winner....?

Was a tie.

With this many judges giving this much feedback, there's no need to break the tie, we'll just award TWO Open Frame screenplay awards this year.


Corinne Abbiss for SILHOUETTES

and to

David Garwood for FAMILY PORTRAIT.

Your scripts are our winners this year.

Next up?  Pre-production begins.  HOPEFULLY all of these quality scripts will go into production and be showing at the Palace Theatre in April of this coming year.

And hopefully we'll see all of you, web readers at that event, watching these scripts in their final cinematic form.