Sunday, April 25, 2010

Open Frame Film Fest Winners, 2010

Best Acting Performance - Chloe Asselin for That Kind of AFFECTION

Best Score - Joel Maze, Keepsakes

Best Cinematography - Nate Ross, Keepsakes

Best Editing - Jordan Grubbs for (w)hole

Best Publicity - Alyssa Pearson, Danyella Toneli, Monica Small, Connie Clapper, Keepsakes

Best Outside Contribution - Kate Tasseff, Lead Actress, (w)hole

Best Screenplay - Erin Chilensky That Kind of AFFECTION

Best Film - Keepsakes written, directed, produced and edited by Alyssa Pearson; Producers: Danyella Tonelli, Monica Small, Connie Clapper,

Audience Award - Keepsakes by Alyssa Pearson

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Open Frame Film Fest Is Here!

Don't miss it, tomorrow night, April 23rd. This is the only night that these films will play on a big screen together to a packed house. Don't miss it.

written and directed by Dusty Jenkins and Michael Popp

written and directed by Alyssa Pearson

written and directed by Taylor Hazlett

conceived and directed by Ryan Baechel

a short documentary by first time filmmaker Ashley Barstow

**that kind of AFFECTION**
written and directed by Erin Chilensky

written & directed by Kyle Mallow

written & directed by Jordan Scott

written & directed by Dusty Jenkins

created by Nate Ross, Chris DeMichel, and Meredith Borling

written & directed by Stephen Thomas

written and directed by Dusty Jenkins

See you there!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Submission Information

The Open Frame deadline arrives! Soon!

Films are due to me, in my office by Tuesday, April 14th at 9 am. The length limit is a firm seventeen minutes INCLUDING credits — tho’ I hope we’re going to get some films that are shorter? Those are real audience pleasers. I know that we have at least ONE music video. Which I’m pretty excited about. I hope that we’ll have more than just one???

Anyway. Please remember that accepted filmmakers are required to volunteer minimally four hours during the week of the festival. If your film is accepted, you’ll be notified on the 14th. I need everyone to reserve at least one hour of volunteer labor for the DAY OF the film festival (April 24th), but encourage you to use your other volunteer hours to promote the event and specifically your film. I encourage you to make posters & hang them around campus — I encourage you to include some face to face promotion but web promotion is both encouraged and expected.

If your film is accepted, you will be asked to nominate people for the following categories. Not all categories will receive an award. Only fulltime Malone students are eligible for Open Frame awards (except the one award, obviously).

If your film is accepted, you will also be asked to submit two – three high quality stills for promotional and event purposes.

I prefer to receive your film either on a hard drive in QUICKTIME format — OR you may send it to me using BOX.NET (email me for more info on

Potential Award Categories:

Best Actor

Best Actress

Best Actor / Actress in a Supporting Role

Best Publicity

Best Original Score

Best Outside Contribution

Best Cinematography

Best Screenplay

Best Director

Best Film

Best Song

Best Experimental Work

Audience Award

Friday, April 2, 2010

Why have an "Open Frame"?

We hope that this contest is an opportunity for students to create films together that will provide visions of truth, opportunities for reflection, images of transformation and reconciliation.

Since making films is always collaborative -- the process of producing these films will invite students to create community with one another around this creative expression.

The film contest supplements Communication Arts Department curriculum by giving students an opportunity to enact skills taught in a broad range of courses and to develop qualities essential to personal and professional success.

Student films provide important portfolio material for students interested in careers in media production.

Creating films allows students an important opportunity to develop “voice” – the ability to tell a coherent story in an engaging way is a skill that will aid them in a broad range of contexts and careers.

We also hope that the audiences who watch these films will receive a new "frame" for seeing the world -- hopefully in a richer, fuller, better way.

This year's event will be held on Friday, April 23rd at 10 p.m. in the Johnson Center Chapel.