Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Announcing the Department Sponsored Films

The Communication Arts Department proudly announces that this year the department will sponsor THREE student films. No, we haven't come into a vast fortune. We did, however have three distinct director / script proposals that we couldn't pass up. The following three films will be "sponsored" by the Communication Arts Department:

(w)hole - directed by Taylor Hazlett

Keepsakes - directed by Alyssa Pearson

Benedict Sexton - directed by Dusty Jenkins & Michael Popp

You should get involved with one of these films (or one of the several others that are also in production this year). More details about the production teams and production schedules will soon be available on this blog.

Stay tuned.

Monday, November 2, 2009


This year marked a new record in that eleven scripts were submitted for the Open Frame.

A panel of 18 alumni carefully poured over these submissions. Using a standardized ranking system, each writer will have the opportunity to receive feedback about their script this year. Due to the generosity of our alumni judges, Malone students will be able to read open-ended feedback and statistical responses -- an unusual privilege for beginning writers. (THANKS, alumni!)

Four scripts have been selected as winners this year (though only two will proceed to department-sponsored production); it is my sincere hope that each of these scripts will be developed into short films, regardless of the department sponsorship.

The next two weeks of our contest will provide directors the opportunity to apply for the department-sponsored film. You can read more about the director's contest here.

The winning scripts this year include:


BENEDICT SEXTON by Dusty Jenkins

KEEPSAKES by Alyssa Pearson

(W)HOLE by Taylor Hazlett

Congratulations to all four writers and to the rest of the writers who submitted their work to the Open Frame Script Contest. Thanks for your hard work, developing craft and your commitment to creativity, vision and beauty!

Director's Contest

This year, the directors contest will build on the Open Frame Writing Contest in a new way.

Each director applicant must turn in the following materials by November 12th at midnight:

1. A director's vision statement of one of this year's winning scripts.

2. A list of (1 - 3) producers or *key players* (editor, cinematographer, art director, lead actor) they have (tentatively) recruited for the project.

3. A 30 second - 2 minute reel, posted on youtube or vimeo, demonstrating their abilities as a director.

*please email Andrew Rudd for copies of this year's winning scripts.

Your Director's Reel

A director's reel may be comprised of previous projects you've completed. These projects may vary from newsreel footage to photography to other short films.

You will probably want to demonstrate some ability to use visual storytelling for dramatic development during at least one portion of the reel. The reel does not need to include sync sound, but it may.

You may collaborate others to help you create the reel -- a Director of Photography, an editor, and actors. You may also use footage from earlier projects that you participated in as a DP, editor or director.

Please only use music legally for your reel.

You may want to even shoot something as simple as dialogue from one of the winning scripts, using a flip cam and some good light.

A Director's Vision Statement

Should include a re-telling and analysis of the script they are proposing to direct.

(Directors may create vision statements for as many of the scripts as they would be willing to direct.)

A director's vision statement should highlight the key emotional highlights of the script and explain some ideas for executing the more challenging technical dimensions of the script. The director should include a statement about why this project works for them personally.

A directors vision statement should be no more than one typed page.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

SCRIPT Deadline This Monday - October 26th 5 pm

Applications for the DIRECTOR of the COMMUNICATION ARTS DEPARTMENT SPONSORED FILM have been postponed until November 6th.

Scripts are due to Andrew Rudd by email by 5 pm. Scripts should be either in CELTX format or PDF. They MUST include a title page, but may NOT include the author's name. Scripts must be 17 pages or SHORTER. Treatments are welcome to be entered, but will receive less consideration than completely written scripts.

The scripts will be read and ranked by a jury of distinguished alumni. All readers have made short films and many currently work in entertainment industries. The winning scripts will be announced on Monday, November 2nd.

In the email you attach your script to, you should list your name, major, script name, and indicate whether you would:

a. prefer to direct your script, but would allow someone else to direct it,
b. prefer NOT to direct your script, and desire another director for it,
c. be ambivalent about whether you direct your script,
d. prefer to direct your script, and would not want your script to be directed by anyone else.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Good Ideas + Good People = Good Conversation

Thanks to Jay Oldaker for the sweet image (above) -- and for live tweeting the event. Check his tweets for some helpful links.

Our presenters Bo Bishop, Connie Collins and Candee Kramer all had really varied, but very helpful things to say about the art of story and the writers life. We had 35 attendees and plenty of delightful and enriching practitioners, artists, students and professionals. (click Bo & Connie's links in order to see some of their work)

Afterward, more than half of the audience stuck around for short films made by the presenters.

Thanks to Kerrie Fisher, Dalton Proverbs, Ashley Smith, and Connie Clapper for lots of the behind the scenes magic that made the event so enjoyable!

Thanks to our presenters for being so honest, available and engaging!

Don't miss the next INDIE FILMMAKER WORKSHOP: PRE-PRODUCTION on October 27th, 7:30 in Silk Auditorium.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

INDIE FILMMAKERS WORKSHOP: Screenwriting for the Short Film

The Open Frame Film Festival at Malone University will hold an


on Tuesday, September 15th at 7:30 p.m. in the Silk Auditorium.

The workshop was created to help prepare student writers as they develop short films for the OPEN FRAME FILM FESTIVAL, but community members are welcome.

An expert panel of screenwriters, living locally, but whose work has garnered wide acclaim, will talk about the skills, habits and experiences of successful screenwriters. Beginning writers won’t want to miss the opportunity to hear from and meet screenwriters Connie Collins, Bo Bishop, and Candee Kramer. Dr. Andrew Rudd, also an award-winning screenwriter will moderate the panel.

Filmmaker Connie Collins has written and produced two short films, one of which played at the Cleveland Film Festival among other festivals. Connie has also written and produced two socially-conscious documentaries dealing with solutions for prostitution.

Bo Bishop graduated from Columbia University. Bo has written and directed a remarkable short film, Miles Wynberry of Glendale Lane. He has written multiple full length screenplays, too. His script Glass Factory Tours has garnered the attention of Hollywood producers.

Candee Kramer was a finalist in the Movie Deal Contest & a semifinalist in the Screenwriting Expo contest for short film scripts. A feature length script placed in the top 5% of the MORE Women in Film contest. She’ll be wrapping shooting on her first short film as a producer just days before she joins us for our workshop.

This event is FREE! But only 30 participants may participate in this hour-long workshop, so RSVP to Kerrie Fisher by phone (330.471.8201) or email (kfisher @ malone dot edu) ASAP. First come, first served.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Filmmaker Lunches this week!

We're beginning the Open Frame year with a series of lunches that re-screen the films shown in last year's Open Frame followed by a Q & A with many of the filmmakers. Each lunch will be held in the Conference Rooms at the back of the Brehme Center. Carry your lunch in from the cafeteria and watch and dialogue. The event is free -- you can come one day or all four!

Wednesday, September 9th, at noon, we'll screen:


Thursday, September 10th, at noon, we'll screen:


Friday, September 11th, at noon, we'll screen:


Monday, September 14th, at noon, we'll screen:

DEFINITION & OEDIPUS (and a few extra shorts)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

New In 09

The Open Frame Film Fest will continue to be a student film event that develops and screens original work by students for students.

This year, as a part of that mission, we're sponsoring several events and initiatives throughout the year.

This year the Indy Filmmakers Training Sessions return -- but including experienced guests -- and open to the broader community. These sessions will be limited to a smaller audience, so be sure to register soon (email us at the address located on the right hand side of this blog).

Also this year, we'll kick off the year with a series of lunches that re-screen the films shown in last year's Open Frame. The films will be followed by a Q & A with many of the filmmakers. Each lunch will be held in the Brehme Center. Carry your lunch in from the cafeteria and watch a film or two, and then enter the dialogue.
Each year the Communication Arts Department sponsors one or two student films. The sponsorship includes a $500 budget, use of the Open Frame HD camera, full support of the Malone IT department, a modest light kit, priority access to Final Cut editing studio and mentorship and production help from faculty members.

Interested students should submit:

scripts (if you want to be a writer type it up using CELTX.COM free screenwriting software),
director’s reels (go shoot something beautiful right now if you don’t already have something you’re proud of),
producer’s applications (turn in your name, contact information and a statement about why you’d like to be involved.)

Your application materials are due on October 26th at 5 pm. The Winners of the contest will be announced on November 2, here on the Open Frame Blog.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Welcome New Filmmakers

Some of you have arrived at the Open Frame Film Fest Blog because you have some interest in film and film-making.

The Open Frame is an annual one-night festival that features student films. A few of the student films developed for the Open Frame have gone on to play at other film festivals regionally and nationally. Many of the filmmakers nourished through the Open Frame Film Festival continue to make films professionally or for fun.

Many of the students who have participated in the Open Frame have continued to work in other fields, too -- business, theology, art, music, computer technology, political science and education.

They agree with us that film-making and storytelling is an essential human activity -- one that makes more whole, changes people's vision of reality, and producing pleasure and growth for the filmmakers themselves.

Do you want to join our ranks? Make a film? Help make a film?

There are MANY different roles you can play. All of them flex your storytelling / media producing muscles. If you have made a sundance film already -- or if you've never even made your own legomation -- you can be involved. And if you're interested? You should.

Stop by our table at RUSH (the first evening after classes), come to our informational meeting on September 1st at 7:00 pm in the SILK auditorium, join our facebook group (OPEN FRAME FILM FEST), and feel free to browse the years and years of posts here on this blog!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

2009 - 2010 Open Frame Film Fest Schedule

This year's Open Frame Schedule returns with many familiar and memorable features and a few new features. Stay tuned to be updated about what's new and what's now.

Go ahead and join our facebook group, too, for up to the minute info -- and a way to communicate with other Open Framers.

Here's this year's big dates -- more details about all of the below will follow:

Rush - August 31, 2009 4-7pm - Alumni, New Students & Old Students Welcome!

Informational Meeting - September 1st 7 pm - New information for New and Current Students.

Filmmaker Lunches - September 9 - 15 - Last year's filmmakers screen and discuss their films.

Indy Filmmakers Training Session: Screenwriting - September 15 7:30 pm - Open to the public.

Scripts & Directors Contest Deadline - October 26th, 5 pm

Indy Filmmakers Training Session: Preproduction - DATE TBA 7:30 - Open to the public.

Indy Filmmakers Training Session: A Successful Shoot - DATE TBA 7:30 pm - Open to the public.

Filmmaker Lunches - March 1 - 4

Film Submission Deadline
- April 13th, 9 am

Filmmaker Lunches - April 19 - 22

The Open Frame Film Fest
- April 23rd 10 pm. - Johnson Center Chapel

Filmmaker Lunches - April 26th & 27th - This year's filmmaker screen their films and entertain audience Q & A

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This Year's Winners

click the photo above to see all of this year's student filmmakers & collaborators spread across the stage. Thanks, Alyssa for the source pictures!

Here's a list of the Open Frame winners this year:

Best Actor - Jon More for his performance in Hugging Strangers

Best Actress - Meredith Borling for her performance in Definition

Best Actor / Actress in a Supporting Role - B. Ruth Hitchcock for her (multiple) performance(s) in Definition

Best Publicity - Rick Thomas received this new award for his publicity for BOTH Prayer Warriors and Oedipus.

Best Original Score - in one of the most competitive categories, Jordan Morrison for Oedipus

Best Outside Contribution - formerly the "non-Malone award" Dylan Baldridge won for his cinematography and editing of Hugging Strangers

Best Cinematography - Nate Ross for Definition

Best Screenplay - Alyssa Pearson for Definition

Best Director - Alyssa Pearson for Definition

Best Film - Danyella Tonelli, Brittney Bolinger, Alyssa Pearson, Taylor Hazlett, Monica Small, Tristan Sanchez (all producers) for Definition

Best Song - This special jury award went to Wild Boy of Aveyron for their song A Haunt for Jackals used both in Another Winter in Canton and Sloth. Wild Boy of Aveyron includes Malone students Brian Peters, Ryan Palmer, Brad Unruh & Brett Maxwell. ( click through to their myspace and you can hear the award winning song)

Best Fight Sequence - This special jury award went to Rick Thomas for his startling and hilarious legomation fight sequence.

Audience Award - In a year where 11 (of 12 movies) got votes, and the runner up got just 10 fewer than the winner, the Audience Award is especially meaningful, going to Justin Edenhoffer and Stephen Thomas for Across the Universe...ity

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Open Frame '09

Last night's Open Frame felt exciting and renewing -- as it usually does.

This year we screened 12 student short films, our first ever documentary, our first ever legomation, two films that would definitely be characterized as "experimental," and then a few films that fall into genres we're used to at the Open Frame - personal narratives of reconciliation and transformation, short short comedies, and one raucous satire of Malone culture.

Here are the films that played:

(16 minutes)
a documentary centering on a Malone tradition and the men shaped by the tradition. Dusty Jenkins directed.

(1 minute)
a short short mashup by Rick Thomas, with a special featured appearance by professor, Dr. Sean Benson.

(7 minutes)
A Frank Peretti style, effects-driven short short about "spiritual battle" directed by Brad Eick.

(10 minutes)
A legomation abridgement of the classic play, faithful in plot, delightfully playful in execution, by Rick Thomas.

(7 minutes)
A one-day visual journey around the city of Canton. Dan Walton set this emotional short to a fantastic Wild Boy of Aveyron song.

(5 minutes)
Ryan Baechel's first entry in the OPEN FRAME was this experimental and understated trippy journey through a dreamlike? druggedout? struggle.

(1 minute)
Only Rick Thomas could turn a fastfood packet of taste into an audience-pleasing laughfest like this short short.

(16 minutes)
Cory Green, first time filmmaker, wrote, produced & directed this dark comedy about living with family dysfunction in just one semester, but still managed to make a compelling, believable & funny short.

(1 minute)
The third of Rick Thomas' trifecta of hilarious and ridiculous short shorts. Proof that one good joke in a movie this long can slay an audience with laughter.

(15 minutes)
Justin Edenhoffer and Stephen Thomas follow up their '08 audience fave Across Enolam with another chase-heavy satire that digests and delights in the quirks of Malone culture these days.

(16 minutes)
A crappy day and a surprising quest moves through dark comedy to hopeful recovery in this visually delightful, musically genius and narratively well-structured festival winner, written and directed by Alyssa Pearson.

(10 minutes)
Rachel Both submitted a story of adolescent triumph over adversity to engage our audience as this year's offering from LAFSC.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Jury of Professional Artists and Filmmakers

For the first five years of the Open Frame Student Film Contest -- we relied heavily on the gracious jurying of our faithful alumni, faculty members and staff. We have always been deeply grateful for their willingness to serve current students and their films, but have also been wary in recent years of overwhelming them with so many films and a consistently short time to render their judgement.

Beginning last year we were thrilled to be able to invite a jury from outside of Malone College to give our alums a breather. These capable film, art & entertainment professionals from outside of Malone College graciously gave of their time, effort & energy to watch these student films, many offering comments and feedback for student filmmakers. Thanks Jurors! We're grateful.

Stay tuned to the blog, as we'll introduce the jury as the week leading up to the festival proceeds.

We will award 12 awards this year (as always), and the categories of the awards will include some traditional awards, but will also include some specific awards selected by the jury based on the unique strengths demonstrated by these filmmakers.

Three awards are pre-determined: Best Film, Audience Award & Best Promotional Campaign (a new award this year!).

Open Frame This Friday!

The seventh annual OPEN FRAME STUDENT FILM FEST will be held this Friday night, April 24th, at 10 p.m. in the Johnson Center Chapel at Malone University.

This year's fest will include 12 student produced short films - a total viewing experience of 2 hours. While admission is free, doors will open at 9:15, and in recent years, we've been so filled that some have been turned away. Be sure you come early to find a place to sit.

And bring a pillow, because most of the seating is floor seating!

A short awards ceremony will follow the films.