Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Open Frame Teaser

You can check out the Open Frame Promo / Teaser here:

Thanks to Dave Carmany and his crew of actors for shooting and helping to edit.  Don't forget to send an email ( to put us in the loop for any films you're working on so that we can
help post crew calls, get equipment and any other help we can provide.

So ... take a risk ... time to 'go all in' and start filming!  

Monday, January 13, 2014

Crew Needed!

David Carmany has a great script and is looking for crew to help.  You can contact him ( if you'd like to work with him.

First Call - 2014 Open Frame

First Call!

The 2014 Open Frame Film Festival will be held once again at the Historic Canton Palace Theater on Saturday, April 5th.  We are looking forward to the lights going down and the thrill of your film being seen on the Palace screen.

So ... Directors, Screenwriters, Actors, Cinematographers, Editors we know you've got a story to tell. It's time to assemble your crew.  If we can assist in any way, please let us know (  We'd be more than happy to help you connect with editors, actors, assist in finding talented musicians for that perfect score, and even help you find a DP.  Stay in touch so that we can provide the help you need to get your masterpiece to screen.

Good idea to review the Festival Mission statement as you begin to craft your script and make a habit of checking back to this blog for all the latest updates and news items.

We'd like to make a list of all the crews and directors who intend to submit a film, posting them here on the blog so that you can easily connect with people who'd like to contribute to their project, so as you decide on a script to tackle, let us know ( so that we can post a blog about your project.

Best of Luck, Happy Filming!

Steve Pustay