Friday, February 18, 2011

Films That Need Actors

The OPEN FRAME FILM FEST gives Malone University student filmmakers an opportunity to learn filmmaking skills by making short films and then screening them for their peers. Each year the OPEN FRAME FILM FEST screens films that are written, produced, directed, scored, shot and edited by students. These films include comedies, dramas, experimental, music videos, animation, short shorts and documentaries.

Right now, FOUR of our films need to cast talented (volunteer?!) 20s -60s, non-student actors. If you are interested in getting involved in any of these opportunities, you can contact faculty member, Dr. Andrew Rudd at the Open Frame email address the[dot]open[dot]frame[at]gmail[dot]com.

Here’s some information about the roles we have yet to cast:

Dr. Gwendolyn Watkins - "(28), an assertive, intelligent, and inquisitive psychiatrist"

August Williams - "(40s), white, upper-middle class"

Officer O'Donovan - "(40s), who seems nice enough"  

Cop 1 - Fellow police officer. Not as old as O'Donovan

Geiser - Voice Only - (60s) - Head of corruption

Mother-- 35-50 years old,  After leaving her family years ago, she tries to reunite with her son at her ex-husband's funeral.

Father--35-50 years old,  He continues to love his disconnected son as he fights cancer. 

Sean: male, 22-28 years old.

Woman: female, 32-38 years old. Average height (5’4”-5’7”) but a little overweight.

Lady: female, 60-65 years old, height around 5’5”-5’8” and skinny.

Wendy: female, ranging in age from 25-45. Tall (5’7” at least) and with a muscular build. 

Cross Dressing Inn Owner 45 - 65, male, our anti-hero.

Minister - 50 - 65, male.

If you’d like to talk to someone directly, please call Dr. Andrew Rudd at three three zero, four seven one, eight five two three.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


....will be held THIS TUESDAY!

You don't want to miss Tuesday night's event. It's free. It includes experienced filmmakers. And opportunities for networking.

Like all Indie Filmmakers Workshops, it is a panel. The three panelists are

Len Brown

Tom Wilson

Steve Felix

Each panelist will take 10 minutes at the beginning to share their best advice about post production to YOU, a diverse audience of indie filmmakers -- ranging from newbie first time student filmmakers to experienced commercial artists.

Plenty of time for questions! Plenty of time for follow-ups.

The event will be held at Malone University in the Silk Auditorium at 7:30. There will be dessert treats and plenty of time for networking.

If you've been to any of our events this year or last, you know that there are always take home bits of wisdom -- and whether your skills are well-developed or barely starting -- you'll learn from the experts and enjoy getting to know other attendees.

Come find out about the 8 student films currently in pre-production -- some of which will start shooting next week! Or come to meet all different kinds of filmmakers -- student and community alike. Hope to see you there!

We're limited to 50 Kerrie Fisher at 330.471.8201 to reserve your spot.

Friday, February 11, 2011


David Garwood and collaborators will make a 1930s gang film about violence and redemption. Garwood’s piece won funding from the Communication Arts film production contest.

Hidden Liabilities: aka Cookin The Books

Dusty Jenkins and Michael Popp return to direct a noir psychological thriller with a female protagonist and all the darkness that you’d hope to find in a noir piece. Jenkins’ and Popp’s entry to last year’s Festival was an artfully crafted homage to Clockwork Orange that included impressive performances, shooting and editing. Award-winning production team Danyella Tonelli and Monica Small are also helming this production which is still casting and picking up crew. Hidden Liabilities also won funding in this year’s Communication Arts film production contest.

the memories within

Corinne Abbiss will direct this quirky nostalgic piece about grief and recovery. The film tells the story of Rueben who has disconnected himself from the world and his father. But after his father’s death, Rueben re-experiences his past through objects at a flea market. Corinne won both the Open Frame Script writing contest and runner up in the Communication Arts film production contest. Abbiss is still adding crew and cast to her team.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Sophomore Ryan Barnett brings a documentary vibe back to this year's film fest. Ryan is developing a documentary about an artist in Canton, Ohio whose public art is both cool and controversial.

Untitled Nate Ross Project

College is often a series of hoops that seem neverending, daunting and pointless.

This heist film dares to ask the question, but what if you could get around the hoops.


Amanda Fulwell wrote this modern day adaptation from the classic novel -- Jane Austen fans will enjoy! Fulwell will also star in the piece which is being directed by Media student, Kristin Rayz.

Untitled Scott / Pearson / Kiel Project

This revenge thriller pits big-time assassins against steel town corruption....and an angry twenty year old kid figures somewhere in the middle.

Reel Life

Senior Jordan Scott wowed the Open Frame Crowd last year with the music video for BEAST MODE, his own rap creation featuring the Malone Football Team. Jordan returns with collaborators Willie Pearson and Matt Kiel with this multi-genre film. This piece is a comic romp through familiar film genres with a familiar college - student - dillema.

Never A Bride

Senior Kyle Mallow returns to this year’s festival planning our first horror film. The story is delightfully warped and creepy. And Kyle’s visual skills have been impressively displayed in last year’s submission to the Open Frame -- FILM SCHOOL and in the web project:The Rise and Fall of Chazz Michael Bishop. He’s looking for crew!