Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Script Contest Due Date Soon!

Just a reminder that the due date for submission to this year's scriptwriting contest is upon us.  The deadline for submission is Thursday, November 21.  So if you're planning on delivering a script for the contest it's time to put those final tweaks in place, give it a last read and let it go (for now ... we know you're like us and never quite satisfied with our efforts)  Don't worry we'll be gentle with it and even better ... talented writers are going to give you some feedback which we know you'll put to good use.

Scripts may be in any genre.  Fresh innovative stories told in a cinematic way are best.  Scripts may range from one to sixteen minutes (one minute = one page in screenplay format).  Scripts must be submitted in standard screenplay format.  Scripts MUST include a title page, but may NOT include the author's name.  (we recommend

You should submit your script by email to Steven Pustay at his Malone email address (  All scripts must be delivered in PDF format.  Again, with a title, but NO authorial name.  Your submission email should include: Your name, phone number and script title.

If you have any other questions don't hesitate to contact Steve Pustay ( and we'll be happy to get the answers you need.  Otherwise ... we're anxious to read your submissions and can't wait to see some them appear on the Palace Theater screen this April.