Monday, July 2, 2007

The Contest

The Contest:

2 – 5 students will be selected as producers, 2 students will be selected as directors and four scripts will be named as “top scripts” (only two will be produced). Directors and producers will select two of the scripts to be produced for the film festival; all four scripts will be announced and awarded at the Open Frame Film Festival event in the spring. Casting will take place later in the semester, but actors are encouraged to turn in headshots and resumes as soon as possible.

Winning directors and producers will have access to the best cameras available in Media Services, will have access to editing on FINAL CUT PRO, and will have other filmmaking equipment available to them. Winning producers and directors will also be mentored by faculty members in the Communication Arts Department and by Media Services.

Materials for directors, writers and producers will be due October 22, 2007 at noon. Winners will be announced on October 29 at 5 p.m. on the Open Frame Blog.
More information about the application process can be found on the Open Frame Blog. Please turn in all materials to Kerrie Fisher, administrative assistant in the Communication Arts Office.

Purpose of Film Festival

Our contest grows out of the Communication Arts Mission Statement

We, the Communication Arts Department, purpose to develop communicators rooted in communities, acting as agents of truth, reflection, transformation and reconciliation in a way that celebrates God's grace and faithfulness.

Since making films is always collaborative -- the process of producing these films will invite students to create community with one another around this creative expression.

The film contest supplements Communication Arts Department curriculum by giving students an opportunity to enact skills taught in a broad range of courses and to develop qualities essential to personal and professional success.

Student films provide important portfolio material for students interested in careers in media production.

Creating films allows students an important opportunity to develop their “voice.” The ability to tell a coherent story in an engaging way is a skill that will be key in a broad range of contexts and careers.

Filmmaking demands that students develop many key qualities:
· the ability to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously,
· the ability to work with a group of people to achieve individual and group
· the ability to work in stressful and sensitive environments,
· the ability to complete a task within a given time,
· the ability to make important judgments in high-pressure situations, and
· the ability to follow through on promises made

Contact Information

Email Andrew Rudd -

call Andrew Rudd: 330.471.8523

Submission Rules

1. we encourage all genres of film: documentaries, journalistic expose,
fictional narrative, stop action, animation, experimental, music videos, etc…
2. student produced films must be submitted by April 9th at 8 a.m.
3. films may be submitted VHS-C, Hi-8, or in digitally in a Quicktime format;
No DVDs please.
4. films must be fifteen minutes or under to be considered.
5. films may only include actors who do not appear in any other film festival
6. filmmakers must obtain rights to any music used in their films.
7. accepted filmmakers must volunteer a minimum of five hours during the final
week of the festival.

Festival Submissions

Any Malone Students! The film festival is open to films produced by the Communication Department and any other films created by Malone College students. If accepted to the festival, your film will be eligible for awards, regardless of how the film got made. For more details about festival submissions see the Open Frame Blog.

This year, the Open Frame will be juried by a special panel of invited jurors uniquely qualified to recognize the merits of student films. In the past our jury has included independent filmmakers, film educators, writers, actors and film insiders working in Hollywood Studios. Ten awards will be given this year, based on the unique merits of this year’s films. Previous awards have included: Best Cinematographer, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Sound, Best Original Score, Best Screenplay, Best Editing, Best Film, and Best Alternative Film. Films will also be eligible for the Audience Award.

Announcing: The Open Frame Student Film Festival

On April 19, 2008, an audience of over 300 excited students and community members will screen short films produced by Malone College Students. Will your film be shown that night?

Over the past five years, almost 50 short films have been screened at the Open Frame. Students write, direct, act, produce, edit & score these films.
Our purpose? Students work together and develop their vision, craft and voice.
The film festival is an event co-sponsored by the Communication Arts Department, Media Services and the Student Activities Committee.

The Communication Arts Department and Media Services will jointly produce two student films this year. Students are invited to submit scripts (for writers), headshots & resumes (for actors), applications or resumes (for producers) and reels (for directors).

Celtx Preproduction Software

Celtx preproduction software is a free program that offers several tools to aid in the preproduction process. There's a screenplay editor, breakdown sheets and files to keep your production organized, storyboards, schedules, and web services. It's a great way to keep your staff (crew members, producers, and performers) on the same page in the creative process. The program is available for download at