Monday, July 2, 2007

Purpose of Film Festival

Our contest grows out of the Communication Arts Mission Statement

We, the Communication Arts Department, purpose to develop communicators rooted in communities, acting as agents of truth, reflection, transformation and reconciliation in a way that celebrates God's grace and faithfulness.

Since making films is always collaborative -- the process of producing these films will invite students to create community with one another around this creative expression.

The film contest supplements Communication Arts Department curriculum by giving students an opportunity to enact skills taught in a broad range of courses and to develop qualities essential to personal and professional success.

Student films provide important portfolio material for students interested in careers in media production.

Creating films allows students an important opportunity to develop their “voice.” The ability to tell a coherent story in an engaging way is a skill that will be key in a broad range of contexts and careers.

Filmmaking demands that students develop many key qualities:
· the ability to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously,
· the ability to work with a group of people to achieve individual and group
· the ability to work in stressful and sensitive environments,
· the ability to complete a task within a given time,
· the ability to make important judgments in high-pressure situations, and
· the ability to follow through on promises made