Monday, January 24, 2011

Customer Satisfaction

In this wry comedic short, a grocery story clerk narrates the story of her last day on the job to her best friend, all the while pressing the boundaries of her perceptions versus those of everyone else.

Taylor Hazlett, whose film (W)HOLE was invited to show at the Canton Palace Theatre International Film Fest this past year, will direct CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

While (W)HOLE was Hazlett’s first student film, it included a number of impressive Open Frame benchmarks -- award-winning editing and talented cinematography (both from first time, female, underclass students); artist’s festival rights acquired; profoundly cinematic storytelling and an impressively coordinated production experience for cast and crew.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION was co-written by Taylor and Erin Chilensky. Erin won the writing award for the OPEN FRAME for her script THAT KIND OF AFFECTION and is currently studying in Los Angeles.

Returning alumni JOE SIEBERT will help the Director of Photography role for this short. Joe now writes and directs for Stonekap Productions. Joe’s short documentary THE REAL BOLD BAD MEN was featured on opening night at this year’s Akron Film Fest and a version of this film can be viewed at .

Award-winning producing team Monica Small and Danyella Tonelli will return to art-direct and produce CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. Casting will begin soon for this film. The producers are still looking to fill general crew positions as well as key sound positions.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION will shoot during the month of March.

Stay tuned for more information.