Monday, February 1, 2016

Open Frame 2016

Make plans now to join a crew, write a script, pick up a camera, flex your acting chops and join us for the 2016 Open Frame Film Festival at the Canton Palace Theater on April 16.  As always we’ll be serving up the freshest short films for your entertainment.  The Historic Palace theater has played host to some of the world’s most important films and maybe your masterpiece is next to be shown.  
And of course you can’t wait till the last minute to produce that thriller … get prepped, get psyched, get skilled by joining us for all of the events leading up to this year’s festival.  NEW this year are some great technical workshops and WINNERS 2015!, a replay of all of last year’s award winners to get you in the mood.  If you’ve got questions … Visit the open frame blog ( or contact Steve Pustay (, the festival director.

See you There!