Tuesday, April 14, 2015

2015 Open Frame Film Festival

Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 Open Frame Film Festival held at the Canton Palace Theater on April, 11th 2015.

The 450 guests attending the festival were treated to 11 student films.  The program included romantic comedies, action thrillers, horror, suspense and short sketch comedies.  The festival concluded with the awards ceremony where the student artists listed below took home this year's hardware.

Best Community Contribution (Non-Malone student)
Casey Carmany

Jury Award
Peter Simionides and Akash Negi

Best Cinematography
Scott Whitaker - Lurch and the Scrawl

Best Actress
Jennifer Reed - Newlywednesday

Best Actor
Tim Carmany - Newlywednesday

Best Sound Design
Josh Bankert - Fatal Vengeance

Best Supporting Actor
Jared Landios - Newlywednesday

Best Supporting Actress
Emily Kublin - Hope Deferred

Best Screenplay
Hannah Morgan - Newlywednesday

Best Editor
Emily Cowen - Wait For It

Best Director
Hannah Morgan - Newlywednesday

Best Film
Hannah Morgan - Newlywednesday

Audience Award
Hannah Morgan - Newlywednesday

Scott Whitaker - Best Cinematography
With Director Dave Carmany and
Lurch and The Scrawl cast

Best Film, Best Director, Audience Award
Hannah Morgan and
Newlywednesday cast

Best Sound Design - Josh Bankert
with Director Tom Showen
Fatal Vengeance

Emily Kublin - Best Supporting Actress
With Director Steven Nzishura
and Hope Deferred cast

Jennifer Reed - Best Actress
Tim Carmany - Best Actor
Jared Landis - Best Supporting Actor
Casey Carmany - Community Contribution
with Hannah Morgan Director
and Newlywednesday Cast

Emily Cowen - Best Editor
Director of Wait for It
and cast