Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Unbound - Artist Statement

Over a year ago, Corinne and I decided that we wanted to work on a
film that dealt with wildlife. Corinne is a Communications major
interested in making films and enthusiastic in her love for animals,
while I am a Zoo and Wildlife Biology major interested in hosting my
own wildlife show one day. After throwing around several ideas, we
chose to focus our film on wildlife rehabilitation.

Unbound is a documentary, a fairly straightforward piece that
presented some challenges. We couldn't find many documentaries about wildlife rehabilitation, so without a solid model to consult, it was along process of going through the footage and finding the storywithin. Since this documentary included many different animals, thefilming process itself was sometimes unpredictable. Filming was
dependent upon when animals were being brought in, treated, or
released. Often there was only a basic plan of what we wanted to
accomplish on a day of shooting and we would have to improvise. It
took several months of shooting and a massive amount of footage to get
everything we needed. It was an exciting and learning filled

Corinne and I want our film to portray the impact that each human being has on our natural world. The film shows both the wildlife in need, as well as the amazing wildlife rehabilitators who devote somuch of their time to helping these animals. Although these
individuals are taking radical action to aid these creatures, any single person can make a difference. Whether this is trying to limit your carbon footprint, calling a rehabilitator when you find a creature in need, or volunteering at a center, every bit of help matters. We hope our audience realizes that humans have the power to make a difference and will learn to see the beauty of our natural