Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Welcome to the Mind of Calpurnia Jones - Artist Statement

“Welcome to the Mind of Calpurnia Jones” was loosely inspired by a classic German melodrama called “Fear Eats the Soul” (“Fear Eats the Soul” is a film that follows a love affair between a seventy year old white German woman and a young Turkish immigrant. It is NOT funny at all, but it is really good.) and the experiences that my aunt had in the world of online dating back in the early 2000s.

 “...Calpurnia Jones” has been described as a romantic comedy and a non-traditional coming of age comedy. I wouldn’t call “...Calpurnia Jones” a comedy at all. I mean there are like two scenes that I think are pretty funny (and others that seem mildly funny). But I don’t want it to be marketed as a “comedy” because I am not ready to accept the responsibility of making you laugh. “...Calpurnia Jones” is a film... and if you find something funny, please feel free to laugh (even if it wasn’t meant to be funny); but if you don’t laugh, please try to find something meaningful.

The opening scene where Calpurnia removes her weave is (in my opinion) the most important scene in the film.  Sure the results are unrealistic (she would not have an afro that awesome so shortly after getting rid of all that Indian hair), but if you get anything at all from the film, I hope it is from that scene. Calpurnia, like many of us, is trying to find herself and define what it means to be “Calpurnia,” and she is actively responding to the rigid expectations and cultural assimilation to which she was confined by her husband.

We successfully funded the film through kickstarter (which is still pretty unbelievable) and because of that we had enough money to do all kinds of things we normally wouldn’t have been able to do. I am immensely grateful to all of the people who funded the film and all of the amazing people who worked on it with me.

I hope you enjoy “…Calpurnia Jones” even a fraction of how much as I enjoyed making it.